Monday, August 31, 2009


I wish I had time this week to get out on the board before I go to school, I'm stuck inside watching The Guild. But its not all bad. Also had a quick freakout about move in day, I thought it was today... Why the hell would the residence give us last year's handbook? Why is orientation a week before move in day? Why is the college's website so damn difficult to navigate, they must've got the same people to inconveniently locate functions that did it for windows vista.

Last Days on Planet Earth

Today is hardcore packing day #1, I tried to fit all my shoes into one box and realized that, HEY I have too many shoes! I wonder how many other boxes I'm going to fill until they burst. Jen's coming over to help at some point.
I am also trying to enjoy the solitude as much as possible, cranking records and sipping whiskey. Also dad and I are going to have one more movie night, The Rundown, Every Which Way but Loose or My Cousin Vinny are the most likely choices.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Zero Hour, 9 AM... ...On Friday

Friday I leave on my adventure to the great and mystical land of Oakville. I have never been to the campus, but I do notice from this photograph that if I didn't want to go outside all year I wouldn't have to! But to the east there is a creepy forest path I will need to check out, from what I understand there is a murky pond/swamp somewhere in the area that Ty told me about.
Tomorrow I start the final phase of packing, I am going to try and post a photo or something from every day of my experience with a word or two to accompany it (I can't play Left 4 Dead every day) So we'll se what happens, hopefully it will be interesting enough that I'll want to keep a copy of my tales like the FC book 101 Posts.