Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I write about Hockey!

I say it, and I'll probably keep saying it. I love hockey! All kinds of hockey I enjoy, but tonight's game will certainly become one of those stories I one day tell the mini-MacDonalds all about. They will hear about how for 2 weeks my friends set aside their differences (Leafs & Habs & Pens) to stand united against the world.
More than anything else I wanted the Canada, Russia game though. I will not be phased by anything else that happens in this tournament. The games of the Summit Series are a distant memory, but something that I enjoy watching because of the connection to the history of the sport and this nation. I was delighted by the game. I couldn't believe that I was watching the same team that had so narrowly escaped the Swiss. Finally there was some meshing of the players. There is a lot riding on this tournament for all of Canada, and there was a lot riding on that game. Canada came out on top by a wide 7-3 margin. Sweden may be next... but I got what I wanted to see tonight. Goodnight hockey fans! I'll be wearing the old Red & White, Rouge et Blanc tomorrow for sure!