Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm like one of those fertility statues I'm so hip!

True Story!:
I find it difficult to work on assignments in the limited confines of my room, because as anyone who helped me move in knows that the confines of my room contain limitless possibility for procrastination. Throwing on records, guitar, TV, DVD, B-Ray, XBox, Wii, Nerf Gun target practice, lego, and don't forget the vastness of the internet! Now that I have a bike though I have a way to escape the infinite impossibilities of my room and do my work in trendier Oakville spots. So I went to Starbucks. Got an espresso (if I'm going to drink coffee I'm going to get something I like) and sat down to go through the paper. A project I thought would take me the better part of the evening to complete was done in 40 minutes. I didn't have anyone to namedrop with so it went by pretty fast. It was a good time, I may not rely on it as my place of choice for assignments but it definitely didn't hurt to be isolated.

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