Monday, January 25, 2010

Help Help! Nostalgia posts!

Things have been great here at school, I'm having a blast with the great pack of friends I gained while here for school. Something I realized far too late that I failed to do in University, I lived 10 seconds from my school but had only 2 real friends gained from University that I currently still talk with, one is my girlfriend of 4.5 years... and the other is Kirst. Who I still try to talk to on a semi regular basis. Its awesome when I finfd out how much I have in common with the other people in my program, like I belonged in College all along.
Now this post really isn't nostalgic in any way, I just had a feeling that was the way it was going to go when I started writing. thankfully it hasn't.
Blu Ray player drivers are out of date and there is some serious need of patchage on the sony in order to even DL the drivers. So I can't watch the Hurt Locker today. I'll be honest I was only renting it cause I had a free rental and have a softspot for Point Break, which was mentioned in a commercial. I'll see it someday though.
I don't even know what comes out this week, hopefully something I want to see... oh yeah! Whip It! Sweet. Also must look out for Facing Ali! I really want to see it.
For class at somepoint we have to do podcasting, so I'm thinking of practicing by listing my top... 10-25 movies and going through what makes them awesome. I'll post them to the Tumblr or something since I won't be able to do MP3s from here.
So there's your Tuesday update, on a day in Toronto, of 8 degrees... :(

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