Monday, November 2, 2009

Back to the Grind... kinda

Starting school again the right way, a 55 minute class and 6 hours of movies. Not Quite Hollywood, about Aussie exploitation movies. Benjamin Button, cause I've never seen it. And Two-Lane Blacktop because I needed to watch a road movie. Steph and I are in the early stages now of planning our Trans Canada tour "Andrew & Steph v. Canada" I'm excited to have something to look foreward to.
I found out today that they are releasing Fight Club on B-Ray, at first I said, oh, well thats kinda cool, but I looked at the cover art, which read "10th Anniversary Edition" and got a good flash of old man feelings, so I have started an essay on 1999 in my life, the first time I saw Fight Club and since I haven't seen it in a good 5 years or so a screening and how it mirrors or doesn't mirror my life as I approach the age of the characters. Those movies I consider the best Apocalypse Now, Fight Club, Where Eagles Dare, No Country for Old Men, and 3:10 to Yuma I watch as seldom as possible, because I don't want to ever be bored with them. (note those films are not in order! I can never definitively give a number one film because I love so many different kinds of cinema!)

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