Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas is coming

I did a quick Facebook and Twitter post about the redundancy of putting the same information in two places, so depending which you go to first the other is at least "technically" a RePost or a ReTweet. Aren't I clever?! Since Steph is probably the only one who follows both... she'll just think I'm an ass. Oh well.

OH! The picture! apparently, according to abc news, this is this year's must have children's toy. a robotic hamster, I suspect it travels around at high speed on its very small wheels sucking up all the kitchen's dust bunnies until the wheels don't work anymore and it gets slower and slower. But I guess that's a long way off and it's much more likely to die at the hands of Fido or Mr. Jingles, the family pet who thinks it's an animate object. But I've seen this toy before! It's as old as toys are I think.
I guess you set it up with some plastic accessories and marketing... of somekind and you have yourself a little cash cow (or hamster as the case may be) Another thing, is it a hamster because they thought thats what those little balls of computer animated fluff were in G-Force, or is it a grab for the funniest character in Bolt? Either way... its just a battery powered rebrand of a classic. Which isn't bad... but with the demand you should probably tell your kids Santa comes around Family Day if they have their heart set on this thing.

Steph and I share a youtube account, we have for a long time. Its easier to look at movies back and forth. but I can see now a downside to it... the recommended for you section is completely swamped with a single theme. Thats because last night we had an MSN linkspam conversation about Sesame Street videos... so when we watch videos from a single theme I'll watch 20, she'll watch 20 and all of a sudden we've watched 40 videos in half the time it would take to actually watch them.

I hope I can convince someone to go with me, but this Sunday is the Santa Claus parade. I've always wanted to go to a major one. Now that I have the chance I'm saddling up for a sweet adventure into the heart of Torontonian yuletide spirit. hopefully it's better than their regular spirit... somewhere between a rabid badger and an irritable cheetah with mange.

Finally! a post that employs more than one paragraph!

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