Monday, November 16, 2009

Photo for Steve then off the grid

As soon as I'm done making this post I'm going off the grid. I'm going to unplug the internet then get to work on the homework I have for the week, as anyone who has listened to me speak would know, Left 4 Dead 2, Fight Club B-Ray and Star Trek come out tomorrow so I need to have no homework left to do. So today for the first time ever I'm going to complete my History essay before the hour before class! And I'm gonna do my newspaper thingy for Mary-Lynn and get a solid draft of my Health Promotion article done so that way I can just go to class, show Jody, edit and hand it in. I'm going to post my pictures from the Santa Claus parade tomorrow maybe. It was pretty good, but nothing can compare to the night parades in Sault Ste. Marie. The Toronto parade just seemed like a way to get people into the Eaton center. I don't think anyone out there had the Christmas spirit, really, I found it difficult to get into the mood with about 10,000 people bumping into me and throwing their garbage all over Yonge. My shoes stuck to the pavement and sidewalks like it was flypaper! (I posted an Aftermath picture on facebook)

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